Botson Insurance understands the unique risks and insurance needs of Equipment Dealers in Ohio.

Equipment Dealers face many unique and potentially costly risks. Whether it's keeping your skilled workforce safe or protecting your heavy equipment, Botson Insurance understands the specific challenges faced by your industry and can offer the right products and services to help you protect your business.

Our Equipment Dealer Insurance Program is generally available for dealers with the following operations:
  • Lawn and garden

  • All-terrain utility vehicles and golf carts

  • Construction equipment

  • Agricultural equipment

  • Forklifts

You’re Protected with Botson Insurance!
  • Your buildings and the business contents inside your buildings

  • Your equipment held for sale at Replacement Cost and Equipment in Transit

  • Your Commercial General Liability for your products sold and other liabilities for your business

  • Your trucks and your trailers

  • Your Commercial Umbrella for catastrophic events

More Value, Less Stress!
  • Help avoid Uninsured Subcontractors with our Subcontractor Insurance Program

  • Help avoid large, time consuming audits with our Audit Assistance Program

  • Reduce claims from Distracted Driving with our Safety Seminars for Employees

  • Avoid signing a contract with unreasonable insurance requirements with our Contract Review

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Greg Botson