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20 Tips for Theft Prevention: Landscape and Contractor Vehicles and Equipment

We are seeing an uptick in claims due to theft of landscape and contractor equipment, as well as theft of business vehicles. In an effort to help our friends in the green and construction industries prevent this type of loss we have complied an in-depth list of the 20 things you can do to prevent job-site and workplace theft.

  1. Ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked

  2. "Stiffen" existing locks (add dead-bolt, secure receiver) and control keys (re-key locks if employee leaves, etc)

  3. Valuables kept in your building must be secure (security door, vault, chain link fence cage in shop with lock, etc)

  4. Set security system (or research getting one) - the best systems have both local alarms and central station monitoring

  5. Security cameras: place out of reach, ensure adequate resolution, know how long data is stored and how retrieved

  6. In-person security service may be an option

  7. Perimeter lighting: ensure no unlit area, place out of reach, have protection over lamp to keep it from being easily broken

  8. Keep area near buildings clear of landscaping or other items that could conceal a criminal while they try to get in

  9. Police: share your hours of operation, request a patrol (even if they cannot comply asking is good)

  10. Fencing and lockable gates help prevent vehicle access

  11. Lock vehicles and remove keys (secure them inside the building - lock box is preferable)

  12. Remove high value items form cabs of vehicles

  13. Installation of hidden switches or valves to "kill" ignition or fuel supply

  14. Park inside shop or inside fenced areas whenever possible

  15. Parking arrangement "nose-to-tail" or other difficult arrangements can making theft more difficult

  16. Do not leave equipment or vehicles on job sites overnight, holidays, weekends - bring back to secure yard

  17. Ensure computer anti-virus and protection updated; beware online scams (phishing, Trojan Horse, etc)

  18. Place signage ("No Trespassing" and "Keep Out") around your property

  19. Have checks-and -balance as well as other security controls in place for cash and checks (and access to accounts)

  20. Employees should be directed to NOT try to stop nor address criminals/criminal activity (they should call 911)


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