• Greg Botson

The Importance of a Company Cell Phone Use Policy to Help Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become the focus for many businesses and industries over the last several years. This is in an effort to reduce auto accidents that involve injuries and property damage, as well as loss of productivity at work.

As a result of the distracted driver epidemic, most insurance carriers are making it a requirement for businesses to have a Cell Phone Use Policy in place in order to even provide a renewal policy or a more competitive renewal premium.

Congratulations if your company already has a written policy for cell phone use. If you don’t have a policy, here are some basic components you need to include when creating and implementing one into your current safety program:

  • A written document as part of your employee handbook

  • Signed by all current and future employees, and kept in their employee file

  • Outlines the guidelines as agreed to by management:

  • Allow voicemails to go to voicemail

  • Pull off the road to take all calls, with the exception of calls placed to 9-1-1

  • Ask passengers to make and take all calls for you

  • Inform regular incoming callers of the best time to reach you during non-driving hours

  • Keep emergency calls brief until you can safely pull off the road

  • Update on a regular basis to reflect current safety trends along with employee signatures

  • If total non-use of cell phones is not practical, consider a strict Bluetooth only policy


If your company is in need of a better Distracted Driving program to keep your employees safe, please give Greg Botson a call on his cell at 440-537-2292. He will call you back—when he is not driving.

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