• Greg Botson

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Snow Plowing Accidents

Our first blast of winter has already happened in Northeast Ohio and the worst has yet to come. Many snow plowing accidents occur due to a few specific reasons. But, the most common accidents involving winter driving and snow plow contractors are backing and rear-end accidents (over 60%).

These types of snow plowing accidents can be dramatically reduced or prevented by following some simple steps:

1. Keep an assured clear distance behind the car in front of you.

2. Maintain an adequate speed for the conditions.

3. Avoid driving while fatigued.

4. Avoid the common types of Distracted driving such as texting, cell phone use, eating or drinking, or grooming.

5. For snow plowers, use factory installed cameras or mounting a camera to the rear of your truck to help prevent backing claims.

These simple actions can avoid accidents during this winter season and keep your claims down and your insurance rates more competitive.

We have put together a page on our website of additional resources that you can share with your employees to help in the prevention of winter driving snow plowing accidents.

Visit our website for more information.

Feel free to contact Greg Botson at 440-934-1603 if you would like any other risk prevention resources for Snow Plow Contractors and Landscapers.

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