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Protect your assets from unforseen events with an extra layer of protection.

Personal Umbrella Insurance provides another layer of liability protection when your liability exceeds the limits of your homeowner’s, auto, boat and recreational vehicle insurance. This type of coverage is more essential than ever before with the frequency of personal injury lawsuits. It will help protect you financially if you are ever found legally liable for causing injury to or damaging the property of someone else.

When would Umbrella Coverage be needed?

Botson Insurance Group encourages everyone to carry a personal umbrella insurance policy, but we strongly recommend an umbrella insurance policy to clients with exposure to the following risks:
  • Own a home, vacation home, and rental properties
  • ​Frequently host guests on their property for parties and social gatherings
  • ​Live in a multi-unit building, such as a condo or apartment
  • ​Have a teen driver
  • ​Own watercraft, snow mobiles and off-road vehicles
  • ​Own a dog
  • ​Have a swimming pool or trampoline on their property
  • ​Participate in risky hobbies such as skiing, snowboarding, or cycling
  • ​Volunteer in the community

How does Umbrella Coverage protect me?

The personal umbrella protects you from major claims and lawsuits by:
  • Providing additional liability coverage over and above your current limits on homeowners, auto and boat insurance policies.
  • ​$1 million to $10 million limits available
  • ​Some companies offer excess uninsured/underinsured motorist protection as part of the Umbrella policy.
  • ​You may be eligible for discounts to your home and auto by adding an additional policy
Having the added protection of a personal liability umbrella policy is coverage no person should be without. Call us today to see how you can add a personal umbrella policy.

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